“Photo Journalism” Project Ideas

For my “Photo Journalism” project, I have thought of two ideas. The first one that came to my head was about showing around Downtown Tampa especially the River-walk. I love to go and walk around and see the sunset. Some people go there to do photo-shoots, others to run, ride their bikes or skateboard, and some go to walk their dogs. But I am also debating on the second idea that came to my mind, which was doing my project about something I been loving to do, which is going to different beaches here in Florida and seeing how different they are depending on where they are located and watching the sunset there. I love to see how the sunset is seen from the different cities of Florida. I love both ideas because they both are part of what I enjoy doing. I think they both would be interesting for viewers to see. Now, I have to decide what idea I would be going for and hopefully, the viewers enjoy it.

2 thoughts on ““Photo Journalism” Project Ideas

  1. I think these are some great ideas, Gabriella! Tampa is a great place to talk about since there is so much to do just in the river walk. I enjoy taking pictures down there for photoshoots right before sunset. The pictures are so creamy and all the city lights sparkle! I also think your beach idea is such a fun adventure idea, I would love to start doing that. I would also love to hear about what you have to say about the different beach so my vote is for the beaches! I think whatever you do will be super interesting as well!


  2. i really resonated with the sentence “Some people go there to do photo-shoots,” because i myself has had a few photo shoots in Downtown. i think capturing the city you live in would be a great topic. because you get to capture the city from your perspective and that what is so amazing about photography. we can both be looking at the same thing but you might view it completely different than myself. i also like your other idea about capturing different sunsets in different beaches here in florida! i would love to see the difference between a sunset here in clear water and the one at daytona!


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