Exploring Hyperlocal News Sites

After looking through someone of the sites that display Hyperlocal News, I have seen how the stories are mostly about a small group of people like a small community. Some of these sites talk about students’ stories, people’s opinions on certain topics, and mostly about different communication industries. I can tell that these stories might notContinue reading “Exploring Hyperlocal News Sites”

“Photo Journalism” Project Ideas

For my “Photo Journalism” project, I have thought of two ideas. The first one that came to my head was about showing around Downtown Tampa especially the River-walk. I love to go and walk around and see the sunset. Some people go there to do photo-shoots, others to run, ride their bikes or skateboard, andContinue reading ““Photo Journalism” Project Ideas”

The Life Of A Young Truck Driver

Wednesday afternoon, talking to this 23-year-old guy, named is Joel, who has worked for a year as a truck driver going, who goes around the states dropping and picking up a truckload. I am amazed at how he is so young and has different licenses to drive different kinds of trucks. Just hearing all hisContinue reading “The Life Of A Young Truck Driver”

Is Working At Wal-Mart as great as everyone thinks?

As some of us have heard, Wal-Mart is one of the biggest international businesses out there and it has a great image for a lot of people. Belgica Miguel, a fifty-three years old employee who has eight years as a Wal-Mart stocker says that working for the company has its pros and cons like anyContinue reading “Is Working At Wal-Mart as great as everyone thinks?”

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